Hysterectomy to treat Fibroids? Why?

By expertalter | October 22, 2018

Day after day I have patients that come to my office with symptomatic fibroids who were wise enough to go for a second opinion after being told that the only option to treat their fibroids was a hysterectomy. It can be very upsetting to hear that the only option is to lose a part of […]

How To Tell if you have Fibroids

How To Tell If You Have Fibroids

By expertalter | July 7, 2017

As published on MindBodyGreen.com https://www.mindbodygreen.com/articles/how-to-tell-if-you-have-fibroids 4 Signs You May Have Uterine Fibroids: A Gynecologist Explains As a practicing gynecologist in New York City, I have seen tens of thousands of patients with a condition called uterine fibroids, or noncancerous tumors of the uterus. These women come to me because fibroids affect fertility and cause heavy […]

Fibroids affect 50 percent of women – here’s what you need to know

By expertalter | May 24, 2017

As Reported here in the New York Daily News by Katie Charles. Now the director of gynecology at Mount Sinai, Charles Ascher-Walsh founded the New York Fibroid Center 6 years ago. Every year, he sees between 300-500 patients who have fibroids. WHO’S AT RISK: Fibroids are non-cancerous tumors of the muscle wall of the uterus. […]

3 Common Below-the-Belt Health Issues and How to Deal With Them

By expertalter | May 24, 2017

As reported here on Health.com Problem No. 3: Fibroids The lowdown: Up to 80 percent of women develop these noncancerous uterine growths. “A single cell in the muscle wall of the uterus divides again and again, forming a rubbery benign tumor,” says Susan Haas, MD, clinician in residence at Northeastern University’s Health Care Systems Engineering […]

fibroid treatment


By expertalter | May 24, 2017

Expert Alternatives, a new company built on the mission of offering women research-backed, natural supplements designed by leading physicians to combat common conditions, today announced the launch of its first product Fibrova. Fibrova is specifically formulated to support the management of fibroids, the most frequently seen tumors in the female reproductive system. “More than 50% […]

vitamin D

Low Vitamin D Tied to Fibroids

By expertalter | May 24, 2017

As reported by The New York Times, Well Blog — Inadequate levels of vitamin D may increase the risk for uterine fibroids, a new study reports. Vitamin D has been associated with reduced risk for various diseases, but this is the first to examine the connection to fibroids, benign tumors of the uterus that can […]